Health & Fitness Biz Intensive

6 Weeks of Getting your Business in Order and Moving in the Right Direction.

Intensive Kicks off on June 7, 2021.

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Business Structure

You will get an uderstanding of what business structure suits what you want to accomplish with your business model.

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Digital Product Creation

Digital product creation will include a Lead Magnets, Trip Wire, Funnel and a class/course.

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Marketing Plan

Your marketing plan is inclusive of Content Creation, Email Nurture Series, Social Media, Text, and Landing Pages.

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Group Coaching Sessions

We will meet twice each week. One session will be on the objective and the other session will be for additional questions you might have on the objective that was just presented.

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You will be accountable for keeping your goals in front of you and working towards them everyday.

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Telegram and Facebook Group Access

Collaborate, ask questions, share success stories, share what didn't and what did work, straegy, tips and more within the Telegram App and Facebook Group.

Program Outcome

When you complete the HFIT Biz Intensive, you will have everything you need to put your product, program, or course on automation. The goal is to help you show up for your business, build rapport and establish trust with your customers/clients/community as their trusted go to source.

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Access to our Facebook Group and Telegram Group

Collaborate with fellow colleagues on how they are progressing throughout the biz intensive.

Get help with things you may be stuck on.

Get instant access to addional strategy ideas and business tips.

Share your ideas and success stories!



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